In the early 1950s Jule Miller put together for his own use in winning souls all the beautiful art he could find to teach God's way of salvation by grace. Soon others wanted copies for themselves. In this way, GOSPEL SERVICES INC. (GSI) was born. The script of the 5-lesson "Visualized Bible Study Series" (VBSS) was re-written in the early 1960s by Texas Stevens. Through studying these Bible lessons multiple thousands have been saved. Available first in filmstrips the VBSS and other GSI productions are now available in VHS and DVDs. At GSI we continue to produce additional Bible teaching products and keep the VBSS updated. We do not use contrived theatrics and amateur thespians. The gospel of Christ is too precious. Our 5,000 piece Bible Art Library includes over 3,500 original 3-dimensional acrylic paintings. Our mission is to continue producing top-quality audio-visuals to teach God's Word to God's World.

Texas Stevens, President

Recently, Texas Stevens has decided to retire. Many of Gospel Services products will continue to be available through Glad Tidings Publishing. You may contact them through their website at www.gladtidingspublishing.com, by email at Luke@gladtidingspublishing.com or by phone 256-614-2367.